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1995 olds LSS Security Lamp
1988 Olds 88 LSS 6.38 no supercharger. 100000M. Car running near perfect until, after parked in garage overnight, the starter would not engage and the Security Lamp came on. By jumping 12 volts to the starter control terminal the starter will engage and engine will start for about 2 seconds and dies. Checked all fuses in all locations ( and there are a lot) I dont have a good manual but would probably invest in a good one that has useable electrical schematics, just dont know which one that is. Please help
Hi Jack, You kinda have me confused on the year of car but if you have the pellet in the ignition key then you probably have a broken wire comming from the lock cylinder in which case you will need to replace the lock cylinder and 2 keys. Bill
Willnick I am ashamed of the description I put on the post. Its a Olds 1995 LSS. I am going to go take a look at the column wiring. I dont have a elect. schematic so dont know how that signal from switch get to the starter solenoid??I'm afraid it goes thru the computer but yours is the best I got so far. I really appreciate your response jac
Hi Jack, The wires which are 20 gage (real small) is attached to the ignition lock cylinder and comes out at the mid point of the steering column under the dash with a bunch of other wires. Since you have the airbag in the steering wheel I would advise you to take your car into the shop because you could cause the airbag in the steering wheel to inflate if you don't follow the recommended service procedures. And where the wire breaks is inside the column so if you don't take the ignition lock cylinder out then you won't see the break point. Bill
Thanks Willnick; your thoughts are making more sense all the time and more unlikely I will be able to avoid the big bucks repair. BTW I saw a post somewhere about a bypass box??? Keep your thinking cap on , I just know those little wires are going to end up in a black box??? thanks again Jack
Hi jack, Not sure what you mean by a black box but if you are after a low buck fix then all you need to do is measure the resister pellet in your ignition key with an ohmeter and then go to radio shack and buy a resister close to that reading. Cut the 2 wires and install the resister so that it is on the steering column side, tape it up so that it can't short out and the car should start up again. Hope that works for you. Bill
Willnick; right now I'm just a little spooked about the air bag and am getting some material together on how to work around it or what ever.
I mean what if I cut into the wrong small wire???
Now I understand the place to go is a mechanic, but Ive got more time than moneya plus I dont know one right now that knows as much about this as you do. looking jac

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