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96 Buick Lesabre, Security light flashing, No start cond.
96 buick lesabre won't start. I beleive the chip in the key isn't being recognized. Is there a way to bypass the security system so the car can be started. I only have the one key to the car, so I can't try another key to see if it will start. It makes me sick that this stupid technology only foils the owner of the vehicles. If a thief wants your car, they take it without having a key. Help!

Thank you for any advise.
can you get under the hood and disconnect both battery cables??? then touch the two cables together to totalllly drain any reserve elecand possibly the set up codes. then reconnect the cables (pos first then neg) and try to start the car,,,,this maywork
I got the car started by slapping the steering column and pushing in on the ignition cylinder three times. Confusedhock: If I shut the car off, it won't start again until I repeat the procedure :lol:
I think I'll be ordering a new ignition lock cylinder tomorrow. :roll:
:wink: :roll: Big Grin how in the world did you figure out that proceedure????
I gotta know!
Trial and error. Just kept trying different things o see if the light would go out. When the light finally went out, I started the car. Then shut the car off and duplicated what I did before the light went out and it worked again. Ahh, that's life!

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