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1997 Chevy Cavalier wont crank
My mom has a 97 cavalier and it wont crank..we have replaced the ignition switch and it still wont crank. You can drift start it but it wont run but a few seconds... you can bridge the starter and it will run a few seconds then die. The car started messing up about 3 months ago but always would start if you messed and jiggled the ignition switch. Please any advice.


Hi Chuck, Maybe you do have a bad ignition switch. With your foot on the brake hold the key in the start position and move the shifter slowly from P to D. If it won't start then lower the steering column and test for power into and out of the ignition switch. You will need a wiring diagram. Then if no power then replace the switch and hopefully it will start. Hope that helps. Bill
I think 1997 cavalier's have an anti-theft system, this could be the problem. Anti-theft can cause no crank, or start and quit.

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