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spark plug wiring diagram for a 95 chevy 350 (surburban)
Does anybody have a diagram to tell me how to run my spark plug wires?
I was changing the distributer and really messed up the wires.
The vehicle is a 1995 chevy suburban 1500 350 motor with fuel injection, if that helps...

The firing order is on the intake manifold, but I don't know how to interpret it.
You have to determine which plug is the number one on the distributer cap. It should be marked with a little tab or something like that. If not if you have not pull out the distributer shaft, remove your number one spark plug and crank the motor by hand untill it is at the top of the compression stroke. You can tell by putting your finger over the hole. Line up the timing mark on the front pulley with the timing mark on the motor. At this point your rotor on the dist shaft should point to the number one plug one your dist cap. The numbers stamped into the intake manifold coincide with the cylinders. The numbers On the left side of the manifold from front of motor to the back match those cylinders. The same on the right side. For example if the numbers are 1357 front front to back the spark plug nearest you when leaning over the grill is no 1 the next#3, the next # 5, the one closest to the firewall is #7. The dist always turns clockwise so start at number one run that wire then going clockwise on the cap run number two to the cylinder marked #2 on the intake manifold. Carry on all the way around the cap untill done.
Hope this helps.
Why would you pull the distributor? Just line up the timing mark on the harmonic balancer with 0 and pull the distributor cap. It will be pointing at number one, to the right side of the vehicle as you stand in front looking at the motor. If you have the mark lined up and it points to the left it's pointing opposite number one. So run your longest wire from #1 on the cap to number one spark plug. Follow the firing order on the manifold as you move around the cap. 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 and you are done.

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