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air bag light stays on 2002 dodge ram truck
The air bag light comes on while driving and will not go off. We have a dodge ram 1500 4x4 truck,5.9l engine , auto trans. The truck has not been in a wreck or had anything hit it to make the light come on. We need to find out where the sensor is located and any reason it stays on. Someone suggested that we unplug the sensor to reset it but we cant find it. Any help will be appreciated.
It may have something to do with the clock spring in the steering column. There is a service bulletin out on it, reference number 08-010-01 issued May 2001. The bulletin says that the spring may become cracked, broken or contaminated and cause an intermittent connection. I maybe wrong on this but I believe there was a recall. (here in Canada anyway.)
So it wouldn’t hurt to call the dealership, have the truck serial number ready and ask if there are any outstanding recalls or campaigns.
If you need to have this fixed on your own you should start be having the air bag systems controller scanned for codes. That will at least give you a direction to start looking, because there is a lot more things then just one sensor; like what you’re asking for that would set the light on.
One last thing if you are going to start poking around in the system yourself. I would get a service manual, read and understand all of the precautions. It doesn’t take anything to set off an air bag, if you happen to touch the wrong thing at the wrong time and didn’t disarm it properly.
Here’s an exploded view of a steering column and the clock spring.

[Image: clock.jpg]
[Image: canadaflag-waving.gif]
Dan.... This info is very helpful! Thank you so much!!

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