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1997 4.3 jimmy motor removal
When pulling the motor the haynes manual says to remove the bell housing to engine bolts. The only way I know how to get to the bolts on the top of the bell housing is to pull the drive shafts (this is the a 4x4).Remove the crossover. pull the transfer case. then let the back of the transmission drop and then from the rear of the tranny with a very long extension and a swivel I can reach them I know this because I pulled the Transmission last year and had it rebuilt Know I am going to rebuild the motor. So if anyone knows an easier way to get to these bolts please let me know.
hey junk-can you take out the grill, raise vehicle then tilt eng and tranny together to remove???
pull engine and trans together------make it easy on yourself
hey its a chevy these are well known easy to work on
what u need is a case of beer two nieghbors and two floor jacks call me in the morning!

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