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low idle and stalling in mazda b2200 88
when im idling the truck will start idling really low and then stall. it just started this morning and has gotten much worse throughout the day. any ideas? could it just be a matter of adjusting the idle screw? (if so, where is it on an 88 b2200?) or is it more likely something more serious??


I don't know much about that vehicle, but I doub't that it has a curburetor. It probably has Throttle Body Injection. Even if there is an adjustment screw on it, DON'T mess with it. The problem is elsewhere, and the fact that it is getting progressively worse makes any adjustment to compensate, a complete waste. The idle speed is probably controlled by a computer that operates an Idle Air Control motor. The motor could be bad, or it could be any number of sensors. If you are not familiar with these systems, take it to someone that is. This can be a really complicated problem to find.

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