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Funny Pictures--Add yours too. - joesmokabo - 01-20-2008

I think there should be a section just for funny pictures.
I'll get it started.

[Image: image001.jpg]

- tac - 01-20-2008

Just keep 'em clean. No bodily fluids (or suggestion thereof) and no attire that's unwelcome at the neighborhood swimming pool.

Remember, we have people of all ages visiting here!

- way2old - 01-20-2008

Hey Joe, Which one is you?? :lol: Here is the original hot tub invented by a hill billy. Confusedhock:

[Image: hot_tub.jpg]

- joesmokabo - 01-21-2008

I have a million of 'em.

I'll keep it clean.

[Image: twincamute.jpg]

- gacyota - 01-22-2008

this is how we haul lumber in the Buckeye state (southern portion anyway)
[Image: Lumber-Car-A.jpg]

- joesmokabo - 01-22-2008

gacyota Wrote:this is how we haul lumber in the Buckeye state (southern portion anyway)
[Image: Lumber-Car-A.jpg]

get a truck

- joesmokabo - 01-24-2008

[Image: good_hands.jpg]

- joesmokabo - 01-26-2008

Safety first. Especially in the work place.

[Image: unbreakablesafetyglass.jpg]

[Image: IndianSafetyHelmet.jpg]

[Image: Chinaspecial.jpg]

Might as well show you our safety boots.

[Image: Worksafe.jpg]

Harley vs Honda - joesmokabo - 01-28-2008

A friend sent this to me.


- way2old - 01-28-2008

Anytbody wanna come over for the weekend?? I am buying the drinks.

[Image: makers2.jpg]

- joesmokabo - 02-19-2008

Don't run from these guys.

[Image: stangcop.jpg]
[Image: porschecop.jpg]

If you do I hope you have air conditioning.

[Image: redneckair.jpg]

road kill - joesmokabo - 03-19-2008

Talk about lazy.

[Image: road_kill.jpg]

RE: - toughlove887 - 03-01-2011

I don't think thats funny...I lived in North Carolina

RE: Funny Pictures--Add yours too. - GwenSmith - 04-28-2011

Really the pictures are very funny, hope to see some more pics soon.