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Full Version: Don't get mad... Get even
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Ever had somenone "beat you to a parking spot" then give you attitude too!? Ever had someone "pin-you-in" on a parallel park so you have to inch your way out ... back and forth till you finally get out?
Ever come back to your car to find a dent in your door and your paint on the 'door-edge' next to you?

Well you could write a nasty note but... well that's just nasty!

What someone did to me once was put a small stone bout the size of a 'BB' in the old air cap... tighetn' it down they heard a faint hiss...:twisted:!!!

I'm just glad they wern't really mad and did it to all four! :lol:
Hi FixUntilBroken, That sounds like a heck of an idea. The person has a real inconvience of haveing to put the spare on they can think about what they did wrong and you get a laugh knowing the predicument and amount of time wasted they will be in. And heaven forbid you get caught then it wouldn't have the same financial reprocussions that body/paint damage would. Bill



I worked in a warehouse that was mostly empty, so there were rarely
more than two or three cars in the BIG parking lot at one time.
My boss had just had his Vette back for 2 days from having a show car paint job (5gs worth) done, when a custumer came in to pick a part up (rare). There was a gazillion sq ft to park in but this witch had to take a
dime sized piece of F glass out of the door of his car. :cry: she was :evil:

I had a 65 Chevell SS. I was waiting for my wife at the mall one day
when a "woman" parked "her" car be side me. She heaved her door so hard into mine that it rocked my car ! I saw the look on her face and I know she did it by choice. I got out and asked her whats up,
she was either deaf or ignoring me, and walked away,(I figured ignoring)
SOOO... not nice, SOOO... I returned the favor, with my key, :twisted:
It is 20years later and I still wish I did more :twisted: :twisted:
She had dug into my dark deep place, "help me mommy it's dark down here!" :wink: I better go, my memory is bringing back to "that" place. :oops: nudge nudge:wink: :wink: bruce


I went to the mall - day after Christmas with my young family. Couldn't find a stinkin' parking space so I dropped the fam. off and kept looking. I followed a lady to her car and waited w/my blinker showing my intention. After waiting forever she started backing up and pulled out in front of me, blocking me from entering. This allowed another car that just pulled up to pull in while the driver looks at me shaking his head side to side saying 'I don't think so!'
I was so mad at this fruitcake I drove off and plotted my revenge. With nothing for ammunition I looked back in my car and noticed my 1 year old son asleep in the car seat. 'Time for a diaper change!' Unfortunately he had only wet the diaper but I placed it wet side down on the guys windshield under the wiper blade. Sweet!
What a bunch of rookies. I got this from the editor of car&not the passenger. always carry some flat style tooth picks with you. slip one into door lock and snap off. both doors if they deserve it. works great on rainy day! :roll: :roll: :wink:
A buddy of mine had a very close to the tooth pick idea but used his own spare key (thank god for gm keys matching). One day at autozone of all places, picking up parts for his truck. While inside some damn woman in her nice new vette came up and paralell parked behind us and the car next to us. At this point our options were to wait or drive throught the building. We sat about 10 mins and went in to ask her to move. To this request she told us she would move when she was done. 25 min later the employee came out and moved his car so we could get out. when driving away ny friend told me to go real slow and close to her locked doors, (she used the remote while we were sitting on my trunk)(BITACH). I thought he was gonna key it but I was wrong. When we got to her door he stuck his key in the lock and snapped it off in the door. I still laugh when I see corvettes at autozone.
If you just want to screw with their minds and not with the car,carry a pint bottle of trans fluid. Pour where it cant be missed, like under driver door. most dont know beans about cars and will worry all the way to garage. :twisted:
Thats good but if you use anti-freeze they tend to drive really slow.
A long long long time ago I lived(loose term) in an apt complex. parking was assigned. Getting home late after working two jobs back to back,no parking space ! made up some 8x10 signs with sticky back . they stated that tag number was turned in to office for illegal parking. IT took quite a while of fingernail scratching to make hole to see thru (placed on driver windshield) After couple of times no more problem! :twisted:
FixUntilBroken Wrote:Ever had somenone "beat you to a parking spot" then give you attitude too!?

A friend of mine was waiting for a parking spot, outside of the swap meet parking lot. As the car pulled away, a mini truck came out of nowhere and beat him to it. My friend got out of his car to confront the driver. Hurling a barage of insults as he walked towards the truck. The guy got out of his truck, then, this mountain of a man got out of the passenger side. They weren't too happy about the verbal assault they just recieved. Needless to say, my friend backed down, got in his car and drove around the block. When he came back to the same spot the two guys were no where in sight. He went into his tool box in the trunk and grabbed a pair of vice grips. He yanked out all four valve stems before walking away with a big smile on my....errrrr......his face.
re-tired Wrote:What a bunch of rookies. I got this from the editor of car&not the passenger. always carry some flat style tooth picks with you. slip one into door lock and snap off. both doors if they deserve it. works great on rainy day! :roll: :roll: :wink:

Heh heh your evil, I like your style! lol

What bums me out is most of the stories here are about women! EGADS given us good girls a bad name! :roll:

Most of the stories here did give me a good laugh and a few good ideas. :twisted: Bravo gents.
Women have a way of bringing out the worse AND the best in men . And it would be a lonely place without them. Confusedhock:
Awwww now that was sweet. Smile
Not to heavy gal . Ive got a reputation to uphold. :roll: :lol: :lol:
[smilie=pdt_bis.gif] [smilie=pdt_ura.gif] [smilie=pdt_tsr.gif]
re-tired Wrote:Not to heavy gal . Ive got a reputation to uphold. :roll: :lol: :lol:

Hmmm you mean your not all warm and fuzzy like some *cough* W2O *cough* *cough* would have me to believe? :lol:
Damn, retired. She already has you figured out. :roll:
Whilst your on the subject i think she has your number as well, your soooo transparent. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
*batten my eyelashes and musterin up my best southern accent* Well lil ole me thinks ya'll both are just cute as buttons. *pinchen your cheeks* [smilie=pdt_rev.gif] lol

Gads I need to go get some sleep...or a drink...perhaps a drink first then some sleep. You guys probably think I am a dadburned nutcase by now.[smilie=pdt_jok.gif]

So much going on in my lil pea brain I cannot stand it, between the truck and the computer test tomorrow that is probably going to [smilie=pdt_lam.gif] get the best of me.

Time to hit the sack...have a good night guys, take care and I will hollar back in the mornin.
I used to drive tow truck F-800 26' steel body. Was always on call so i slept when I could. 1 night I did actually get to get some sleep when about 2:45 am a car alarm starts going off :evil: I walk out of my front door and see where this god awful noise was coming from and asked my local police to tell this guy to turn it off so I didnt jerk him into the street and beat him senseless. They showed up and it finally got turned off, so I thought Confusedhock: About 20 mins later it started going off again "I've been tampered with beep beep beep " and so on. So, this time I nearly took his door off the hinges beating on it for 10 mins while his alarm is going off. "Turn it off, better yet, disable it or I will park my tow truck on top of it" I said. He shut it off and a couple of days later, it happened again. This time I used my lock out kit, opened his door and put a post it note on his steering wheel that said "Your car's been tampered with!!!
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