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Full Version: Volvo 960 Battery Drain
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I am having a bit of fun with a neigbours 1992 Volvo 960 , he found that the battery was going flat after a couple of days standing , putting my meter in circuit i found a current drain of 800mA , after removing a dead after market alarm system i have got this down to 300 mA but this still seems a little high to me does anyone have any data on what it should be , talking to my local volvo dealer was no help and volvo uk just refered me back to the dealer , as my neighbour is retired he could do without £80+ per hour they charge . Can you help?
300 ma may be normal - my truck pulls that much but doesn't seem to drain the battery over a month of non-use.

I always track down drain problems one fuse at a time. I just make sure the car is turned off and let it sit about 5 minutes for any cooling or fuel pressure relief systems to finish using any power. Then I disconnect the + pole from the battery and put the multimeter between the battery and the cable. Start pulling fuses one by one until the drain goes away. Don't forget to put some tape over the button by the hinge of the door - if you don't the interior light or other courtesy features will never let you see what is draining.
I always start with the radio, since many radios do a constant draw for the clock and other features.
Don't forget to look for a second set of fuses (especially the engine mangement and large lighting fuses) under the hood somewhere. I found that the 300 ma draw is my fuel pump. Don't know if that's good or bad, but like I said earlier, it never leaves me with a dead battery.
Most of the vehicles we work on have a normal current draw of .050 draw. If we run .300 draw, we have dead batteries in less than a week. I do not know off hand what your allowable draw is, but I will search to see if I can find the specs for ya.
Thanks for the replies , I have tried the trick with the fuses and can only conclude that the drain is in an unfused circuit ( i've tried the alternator ) or from a fuse I haven't found yet . It would really be useful to know what the drain should be so i am not chasing things needlessly .
Steve the sparks
On some cars you have to put the cars ECM to sleep . OR a more technical way of saying ....turn off the keep alive memory circuit & time delay modules . After removing the ground cable and attachng your test lite or meter between post and cable ,take a small wire and touch post and cable .Hold about 30 sec . THis will allow cicuits to deativate . remove the wire while leaving meter/lite hooked up . Now you will have true draw.
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